A.C. Gambling Help!!!!!!!?

March 2, 2014


Question by David C: A.C. Gambling Help!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know how strict Atlantic City is with detouring underage gambling?

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Answer by Run, Baby, Run
VERY!! umm you kinda have to be 21 to gamble in a casino

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  1. ZCT Says:

    Casinos are always pretty strict, because there are draconian punishments for them if they get caught with under age players.

    So you better have a pretty amazing fake ID if you intend to play there. And consider too that if you win a prize like a jackpot on a slot machine, they will run the IRS paperwork on you. If you use your fake ID, you are now committing felony tax fraud. If you come clean and admit your true identity, they can confiscate your winnings, since you cannot profit from illegal activity.

    So the best you can hope for is winning small amounts, and not attracting attention. But in the worst case you lose, or you win, but can’t collect your winnings.


  2. TheDoverPro Says:

    Listen to ZCT! He is absolutely correct.

    I would advise you NOT to do it! In AC they do not like it when an underage person tries to gamble there and they take it seriously. It can cause them big problems with the Gaming Commission. so when they catch someone, they will call the local police, every time! And I have personally seen a couple times when the person was bounced off a few walls on the way to the back room to be held for the local cops.

    You will get checked out if you look under 30!


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