How can I help make internet gambling illegal?

April 9, 2013


Question by katrobbins6: How can I help make internet gambling illegal?
My husband gambles online and has lost all of our money and he continues to do so even though our credit cards are maxed and they won’t let him. I want to try to make it illegal to gamble online in Texas.

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Answer by William B
i thought it was already illegal nationwide

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9 Responses to “How can I help make internet gambling illegal?”

  1. Marvinator Says:

    You’re trying to ruin the fun for everyone because your husband hs a problem. Get him to Gamblers Anonymous!


  2. Steven Says:

    Divorce the bastard and let those who enjoy gambling responsibly do so. Why does everything have to be ruined, outlawed, and demonized because of a couple bad apples?!


  3. on here Says:

    I agree 100% with Steven. Would you like someone to outlaw shopping because someone is a shopaholic? What about bringing back prohibition because of a few alcoholics. While we are at it, why not just ban sex too and make it illegal to procreate because there are some people out there who are addicted to sex.

    Try to see this from other people’s points of veiw.

    I am FOR online gambling. I believe it is our constitutional right, just like we have a right to walk into a land based casino, or to stay out!

    You should encourage your husband to seek all the help and treatment you and he can find working together. Stand by his side, but remember He has to WANT TO STOP in order to stop or all your efforts are for nothing. If he is willing to seek help, first step is to destroy all credit cards and get all bank accounts and money in your name. Put him on a very limited allowance…one where you know where it is all being spent. Pay all the bills and don’t let him anywhere near the checkbook. If he can’t see how this is affecting your relationship, then maybe it is time to step away. Just remember, he needs you now more than ever, and gambling is an addiction for some.

    From someone who loves to gamble.


  4. ZCT Says:

    So by the same logic if your husband was an alcoholic should we ban all alcohol? How about if he got lung cancer, should we ban tobacco? What about if a motorist traveling at 50mph killed him, should we make the national speed limit 20mph?

    Read up on the history of this country under the term ‘prohibition’ and you might learn something.

    Under your logic we should ban guns, all gambling, drugs, alcohol, driving faster than 20mph and sex.

    You cannot simply ban everything that has the potential to harm people or we would live in a ridiculous nanny state in which almost everything was illegal.


  5. Sally S Says:

    So because your husband is an idiot and you didn’t love him enough to get him into Gambler’s Anon you want to ruin it for everyone? He’d still gamble if it was illegal youknow.


  6. sincity usa Says:

    I’m sorry that your husband has such a bad gambling problem, but don’t go ruin it for others who want to play. Its not my fault that he can’t control himself and the amount of money he losses. I live in Las Vegas and i don’t play any table games or slots, but i do play a fair amount of poker in real casinos and on-line as well. I know when i am losing, i quit and go home, if you can’t quit then you shouldn’t play at all. If others want to gamble its their money to spend how they see fit, you should have stepped in a long time ago before things got so bad.


  7. fishin'dude Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your husbands problem, especially since it seems like it’s on the verge of becoming yours (by sticking you with some tough financial burdens). Take a breath……in…out…in ..out. First, if your credit cards are maxed out and he can’t get any more action, he will have a difficult time running them up any more. Second, you’re not alone. There are other people whose loved-ones have this addiction. There are organizations who can help you and your husband. Look in the yellow pages for “addiction counselling” groups. You have a computer so try looking up info on the web. You can even find out from your doctor because gambling addiction is a disease and can be treated. Educate yourself to help you understand what your husband is going through and how you can help him. One of the first things you will learn is he can’t be helped if he doesn’t think he has a problem and that’s entirely up to him. Something else you will get is a lot of support for YOU. You’re in this to, if you still want to be, and you’re going to need help from people who know and understand what you’re going through too. Good luck and keep trying!


  8. closetcoon_fan Says:

    How about changing his password.

    Most people want gambling online banned. However, sports betting and poker are skill games and should not be banned. Though the government still wants to allow horse racing and lottery online of course because it benefits them.


  9. nflhandicapper Says:

    Currently there is much legislation amongst our lawmakers dealing with this issue. I recommend contacting your local elected officials and start there.


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