how do bookies get big brother odds?

June 8, 2014


Question by chris G: how do bookies get big brother odds?
do they no the votes or r just predicting them?

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Answer by sonyjunkie841
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3 Responses to “how do bookies get big brother odds?”

  1. Dj_DH Says:

    based on popularity.. tv shows are legally confidential so nobody knows til the end.. otherwise nobody would bet on the show because it would make it easy to lose (if other people know the votes before they are announced)


  2. Joe Scribo Says:

    They should not know the votes. While “odds” start off as predictions, they quickly become a reflection of how people are betting.


  3. Mick Shrimpton Says:

    Joe has it right. It starts off with some predicted probability, then once bettors hit the bookmakers, they adjust the odds according to how the public bets. They like to get equal action so the vig (their “commission”) is the highest.


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