If we legalize gambling in every state perhaps we can help the school system?

January 29, 2013


Question by Zombia likes sun people: If we legalize gambling in every state perhaps we can help the school system?
State lotto’s already go to fix parks and streets so why not to the same with gambling. Why should the Indians have all the fun and money

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Answer by Hawkeye
There would be a certain irony in replacing funding from the people who oppose taxation in every case even to support schools …..with funding from people who are REALLY REALLY bad at math (i.e. 99.9% of gamblers in general… or else they would know enough math to know they are wasting their money on extremely long odds).

The irony lies in the fact that they are generally EXACTLY the same people.

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10 Responses to “If we legalize gambling in every state perhaps we can help the school system?”

  1. Intellectual Bulldog Says:

    Its just a matter of time before all the states are forced to


  2. just some chick Says:

    I honestly do not see why not. Part of me feels like you were kidding, but it is a kind of good idea.


  3. Max K Says:

    I’m all for it. Its the best way to get the moocher class to pay taxes


  4. Rich B Says:

    NY’s lottery was to help education,how’d that work out?


  5. Progressives are thieves Says:

    Most state lottos go to the schools.

    Money is not the problem of schools. Discipline, the teachers unions and bad parents are the problem.


  6. my samy Says:

    gamblers seem to forget about their own family and children’s need, and that cause education to be forgotten for their child, you must realize that education is the lottery, with out the money in the families pocket, that child will not feel good about education and the money confidence to enjoy it and achieve it with out family and money worries that create resentment


  7. Anongirl Says:

    Now where is the logic in that? Do you really think there is any possibility people are going to want the money to go to schools?


  8. bob Says:

    Been there, done that. The California lotto was sold as a fund raiser for the school system. Guess what. By the time we got through paying the jackpots (most often to those who need it the least and can afford the most tickets) and the overhead there wasn’t anything left for the schools! I think a state sponsored lotto also give exactly the wrong lesson, that we should depend on luck rather than effort for our future. I say leave the gambling to the casinos and take a hefty share of the profits in taxes.


  9. gyt Says:

    Throwing money into the schools is not the answer to the problem of the educational system. We have been spending more money per student and getting lower test scores.


  10. Kanien:kaha'ka-[]-[]-^-[]-[] Says:

    apparently you don’t know that tribal gaming accounts for only 5% of all legal gambling in the usa. to listen to some of you people, you never heard about las vegas or atlantic city or thousands of other casinos not to mention state lotteries.

    maybe you should instead make your politicians accountable for the trillions they waste. there seems to be an endless amount of money when it comes to war but never enough when it comes to education. get off your couches and take a cue from the young people in egypt and libya and DEMAND your country back. people in Wisconsin are getting the message…why not you?


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