Is gambling in casinos dangerous?

June 20, 2014


Question by Emma….: Is gambling in casinos dangerous?
My mum has this new boyfriend. He gambles.
She has only gambled twice with small amounts of money, and tonight she’s going to a casino and has drawn out £300 (0) and I’m afraid shes just going to blow the lot.

I’m 16. I don’t know anything about gambling. Should I try and stop her getting into going to casinos and stuff?

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Answer by jdition
it depends do u?or who ever drink

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4 Responses to “Is gambling in casinos dangerous?”

  1. Gina Says:

    the world is loaded with stories that have gone wrong in casinos.
    it all depends on your mum. but some people lose it and don’t know why


  2. Jay P Says:

    If you mean “dangerous” as in the possibility of losing money, then the answer is yes.

    But your mom is an adult and if she wants to gamble, that is her decision. As long as you and your siblings ( if any ) are looked after, and as long as the bills are paid, what she does with her money is her choice.
    Now if she starts going every week and she blows through her savings, that is a different story. If this is a one-time event, I wouldn’t worry about it.


  3. breynnmike Says:

    Casinos can be fun but you can’t go to one expecting to win. If you are going to go then you should take out the money you will play with and leave your debit card at home. (Any way of getting more money leave at home). She is an adult and you can’t stop her from going. If her BF has a gambling problem then she could be asking for trouble because they will get money from whoever they can.


  4. martman Says:

    it sure can be dangerous. gambling can quickly lead to an addiction that spins out of control.


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