Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S2EP1)

January 27, 2013


Surprise! Here you are, six days early. I spoil you guys, I really do. So anyway, Here be the Season Two premiere. With errors, video calls and lots of test cards! And randomness, too. ERRORS REQUESTED BY imseanyoung ( XScarface1999X ( CREDITS Epic spaz by Daxter5150 ( Sped up Awesome Face song made by trexattack ( Sound effects suggested by Daxter5150 ( Microsoft Sam in G-Major made by alexamltd (

This is the soon-to-be-extinct Little Devils Fruits game from Barcrest. Great game & this video shows the Mega Mystery Prize feature.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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15 Responses to “Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S2EP1)”

  1. AT88TV Says:

    Forgot to change it from the last video. And the fact that Sam was pissed that Celtic didn’t win the Old Firm Derby.


  2. therobloxmegaguy Says:

    Wow, so much spaz! Make me wanna just…. SPAZZZZ!


  3. therobloxmegaguy Says:

    Hey, why was Sam speaking in such a low tone?


  4. AntiTrollers2 Says:

    Skyrim = Skylol.


  5. AntiTrollers2 Says:

    GO SKYRIM! (x9000)


  6. AntiTrollers2 Says:

    Let’s FUS RO DAH slainender.


  7. AntiTrollers2 Says:

    Go Skyrim (x9000)


  8. ThePyR0clan Says:

    Skyrim because of its story FUS-RO-DAHS and the addiction hold it has on your mind


  9. AT88TV Says:

    No man, Movie Maker was retarded and didn’t give me the subtitle for your request. but it is there.


  10. AT88TV Says:

    Bet you the dislike was xcvzcvxzcvxz! Faggot.


  11. AT88TV Says:

    Totally not pissed. xD.


  12. AT88TV Says:

    First commenters, you tou just got trolled. xD.


  13. gameyguy123 Says:

    Second comment. Not pissed at all. xD


  14. JohnnysArcade Says:

    Bad news Moto Services for dumping this top game. I will not be back.


  15. quagmire4281 Says:

    yeah my mate loves this game was in laddys in irvine today and they had the new fobt machines in no happy as i also love wild clover and feilds of gold but looks like it will just be rocky for me from now on but even that dont look as good i asked the staff why change reason they are faster but less choice i dont think they will be as popular unless they re install some older games wonder if they would sell the old machines?


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