Pay for my date’s gambling?

June 21, 2014


Question by KnowItAll123: Pay for my date’s gambling?

I am a 28 yr old male, and I have been seeing this girl (my age) for a month or so. We are going to a casino in AC…. am I expected to pay for her slot machines or whatever??? I have no problem paying for dinners and movies… but gambling seems like its a different story. Your opinion???


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Answer by your what makes NE so great
no she should pay for her gambling.

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8 Responses to “Pay for my date’s gambling?”

  1. Mz Brunette Says:

    Hey Adam, no her gambling is not something you’re expected to pay for. Dinners and movies are gentlemenly enough–not to mention generous.

    To both of you though: Try not to get too carried away in the casino!!! Have a budget ok? Have fun.


  2. Curly Says:

    I don’t think you should pay for gambling, unless its just a starter fund shared at the beginning, and not expect to be paid back – like $10 for penny slots.

    Seriously some people get huge gambling problems. Its fun for entertainment, but you should not be expected to pay for someone else’s addiction.

    Talk to her about it. Start with saying how you feel about the visit (excited and all) and then tell her that you aren’t really comfortable paying for what she would spend playing at the casino’s and ask how she feels about that.


  3. othergary Says:

    NO WAY.
    Beware. Some people have gambling addictions and will do anything to keep gambling.
    It will be easy for you to tell.
    You should NEVER have to finance someone elses vice. Even if it’s for recreation.


  4. agonyaunt86 Says:

    In a game of poker with his friends, my man once gave me $10 to bet with. But this was at one of his friend’s house and was a low-stakes playing. I say let her pay for her own gambling, as you may be resentful if she continues to lose (and therefore waste) your money – pay for her dinner etc if you want, but if she wants to gamble, insist she uses her own cash, and that you use your own. At 28 there is no reason she can’t afford to spend her own money if she wants to gamble.


  5. Chaz Says:

    You need to make it clear where you stand on this point before you ever hit the floor. Then stick to it.


  6. kdoggsw Says:

    dont pay for her


  7. big boy Says:

    Hell no! She should know that people are only supposed to gamble with their own money.


  8. Soldado I Says:

    dump her!


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