Q&A: Could someone explain the Hard Way Bet to me?

June 23, 2014


Question by : Could someone explain the Hard Way Bet to me?
What’s the hardway bet, and can you give me an example. How to win, pros and cons?

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Answer by LegFuJohnson
Pros and Cons? It’s a bet in a casino.
Pros – It can be fun to bet
Cons – The house has an advantage, you lose more often than you win.

Those are the Pros/Cons of basically everything in the casino.

Hard way means you win if it comes up, you lose if a seven hits or lose if it comes up “soft”.

So betting on the Hard 8 (Double 4′s). If a double 4 comes up, you win. (I think it’s 9-1 odds, but I’m not checking right now). If a seven comes, you lose, and if a “soft” 8 comes up, you lose. A soft 8 would be 6-2 or 5-3.

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  1. Matt Mclean Says:

    The hard ways are the combinations of dice that result in a double number, excluding 2 and 12. To place a hard way bet you need the place the a min. bet on either. Hard 10 (two 5′s) or hard 2 (two 2′s), these pay 7-1. In addition you can bet on hard 6 (two 3′s) or hard 8 (two 4′s) for a 9-1 payout. These bets stay working until a 7 (craps) is rolled or the number you bet on rolls. Example you bet on hard 8 and 6/2 comes. The bet comes down because it wasn’t double 4′s but it was an 8.

    There are hard way bets for 2/12 that pay out 30-1 but they are one roll bets.


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