Q&A: Why is Pacquaio still such a favourite on the betting line?

January 30, 2013


Question by Ghazan: Why is Pacquaio still such a favourite on the betting line?
Relating to my previous question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av3rizZw4xpfPGWj8C.YY1oM_dw4;_ylv=3?qid=20121203054931AAHGjG5

Pac is the clear favourite on the betting line even though he put up average performance for his standard against marquez and timmy bradley.

The odds are really long on marquez which I find surprising as he according to many contributors(including fillipinos) Marquez won the 3rd fight

Would it be safe to bet on pacquiao considering he has declined more than marquez has?

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Answer by The Real Richard
Look at what happened in the previous 3 fights and that will answer your question.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Why is Pacquaio still such a favourite on the betting line?”

  1. badgema@zz Says:

    my guts says pac will TKO marquez…already bet on it.

    this could be pac’s last megafight…
    so what the h3ck!!! might as well raise the excitement…
    if he fails again…bye bye money, no more betting on pac
    but if he wins…it triples my money….both worth it ei


  2. Eddie F Says:

    First of all, Pacquaio’s last five fights have gone to the judges. He hasn’t had a clean knockout since Ricky Hatton came to town (This is not including the 12th round TKO against Cotto).

    Does this mean he has lost his punching power…. No. The duration of his last half a dozen fights, coincides with increasing political popularity as a congressman…. In my opinion, Manny is burning the candle at both ends, he is loyal to his party, his commitments, to Freddie Roach, to Bob Arum, he is supportive of his wife’s budding political career, his sponsors, his endorsments, his fans…… etc

    I was against mixing politics with boxing. I would sooner that Manny finished his career like the champion he is, walk into the sunset knowing he gave it his all.. No regrets.

    In a previous answer, I stated that the recent footage of Pacquaio, revealed a tired looking athelete, that had ‘aged’ considerbly since his defeat to Tim Bradley. he looks like a man with the troubles of the world on his mind… (Which he probably has..)

    On the flip side of the coin… Marquez is totally focused, he knows this is the last time he gets to set the record straight… There will be no fifth outing to rectify the outcome – This is it!

    Marquez is looking for truth, he wants redemption for taking the last round with Pacquaio too lightly.. He cruised home, assured that the fight was won, only to be sucker punched by the judges decision. He won’t be depending on the judges this time… (The last time).. This fight is for the history books, and for his legacy, long after the curtains have come down on his career.

    A sharp, focused Pacquaio will always be a force to be reckoned with… The last time that man shown up, he was facing Ricky Hatton in the opposite corner…. Will he show up again this weekend… Doubtful.

    Marquez is definetly worth betting on… The odds on him are way too long!


  3. Every White Woman's Dream Says:

    betting lines don’t mean sh!t, and they always change

    if anything its cause Juanma has FAILED to win in 3 attempts vs Manny


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