Why should gambling be illegal ?

June 18, 2014


Question by samoom: Why should gambling be illegal ?
i have this project in english and i need your help to give me some ideas why should gambling be illegal ??

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Answer by WealthManagement81
I actually think it should be legal in all areas, but I also think it should have restrictions so that husbands or wives can’t go out and gamble away the family’s life-savings.

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5 Responses to “Why should gambling be illegal ?”

  1. Blueyedevil Says:

    ^^^^^Sounds like someone got themselves in trouble :)


  2. cory l Says:

    It should be illegal because its addicting, people blow their whole life away on a single draw of the cards and they don’t know when to stop. kids suffer as well at home because their parent blew everything they had on blackjack, and lost it all so now they don’t have new clothes, they have barely anything to eat etc. etc.


  3. LegFuJohnson Says:

    It shouldn’t be illegal.

    But if you want to try to say that its addicting, and people can lose their money and family and stuff, be prepared to discuss why cigarettes and alcohol and all the other things that have similar issues are allowed. I don’t have an answer for that.


  4. SUM1DUM Says:

    Well.. the only reason why gambling is illegal in most locations is because its hard for the government to control and tax the winnings. If they can tax the winnings.. such as lotto.. then it is legal because they have their hands in it. Which is also why prostitution is illegal in most locations.. can’t tax the income.


    Gambling should be illegal due to the addiction and loss of life it could potentially create… wait.. thats cigarettes/tobacco as well. Hmm.. I’m stumped.

    Good luck!


  5. nas88caror 300(RIP 3) Says:

    to amny minores are getting hoked by the internet gambling or even buying lottery tickets


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