Question by MrsD: A msg was sent to all of my contacts with a link to a gambling site. How did that happen, what should I do?
A msg was sent to all of my contacts in my Yahoo mail with a link to a gambling site in Las Vegas. How did it happen and what do I do now? I sent a msg to everyone with the sublect “DO NOT OPEN PREV MSG” Will the rogue email do something to the recipients’ computers? Will it happen again? Do I need to change my email address?

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Answer by thankyoumaskedman
Some of these spams do contain links to malicious download sites, so there is a real risk if they are opened.
The spammers have your password. Most of the time these are obtained with phishing spam. You should also check you computer for viruses and spyware.
Log onto your Yahoo account cleanly from the browser. Do not log in from links within emails, popups, or webpostings, which could be phishing sites.

Go to:
Mail Options
Account information
You will be asked to give your password again. This is safe as long as you started from a proper Yahoo login, not a link from within a spam or other link.
From here you can change your password. However, you also want to look at the Contact Information.
You should find a Yahoo! Email that agrees with your account name. You may find a Home Email. This is an alternate contact address. There should not be one unless you entered one. If you find an unfamiliar one it could have been entered by the spammers. If they have inserted a home email under their control, they can report a “forgotten” password and collect the new password at that address.

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