Episode 35 Dinesh manages to convince Preeti to flee from her house with him. On the other hand, Vijay and Sumitra Devi enter into a heated argument over Vijay’s addiction towards gambling and this argument ends with both of them slapping each other. Later in the evening, Preeti impresses everyone by preparing a meal, and later in the night, she bids her final adieu to her house and runs away with Dinesh who is waiting for her outside. This news gives a shock to the entire Chaudhary family, and without wasting a moment, Chaudhary rushes to Deshmukh to seek his valuable advice and help.

Nishant tells Anushka that his father has earned money through wrong means. But Anushka explains to him that his father did it only for his well being. Vijay gets a call saying that the police have arrested Bunty. Sunanda and Vijay get Bunty released on bail, but Bunty refuses to answer any of his questions. Sunanda shares her worries about Bunty with Sudha. Sudha pacifies her and also asks her to think over her decision about becoming the vice principal. Yashwant Pawar confronts Bunty for gambling, but Bunty remains mum. Bunty gives Vijay the amount which he had asked for.
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