Question by : Are there any good sport betting and trading books?
I did a little search on amazon about sport betting and trading books and I was not impressed. Most of the books were either so generic or analyze the very basics which I already know. Are there any resources which go beyond that? Perhaps someone experienced with the topic can advice?

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Answer by peaghetti
Long-term success in either sports betting or trading (stocks, options, etc.) requires systematic execution of a predefined strategy. As someone who does both, the highs and lows of very good and very bad days are enough to rattle both your perspective and your judgment. If you are going to succeed long-term, you need to have a predefined strategy based on very concrete rules. The work in both of these pursuits is done before the capital is risked. When the time comes to make a bet or trade, all that you should be doing is executing as determined by your predefined strategy.

I think that whatever statistics book is at your particular level is the best place to start. I know that is not the sexiest answer, but you have to ask yourself this: Am I trying to have fun or make money? If the answer is fun, read Amarillo Slim’s book. If the answer is money, get to work.

My website uses statistics to determine the outcomes of sporting events, if you care.

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