Question by Silo: Are there websites/links that I could visit to check the results of my sports book Vegas bets?
I live in TX, but I recently went to Vegas and placed various NFL bets. I’m not too familiar with what the lines & points mean and what not, and I was wondering if there were websites that I could go to to check the results of my betting tickets. I went to Caesar’s Palace and place some sports bets, but I don’t know where to go to check the results of my bets. Anyone have an idea? Holla!

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Answer by rikki86686
hey man, not sure if your interested. but betting online is sooo much easier and a lot more perks.

i check my sports bets on the site that i use. i just withdrew 23000 from my bank acct
bodog is beastly man!

sign up for bodog and not only will u be able to check ur betting tickets but u can place live bets! while the games on!

sign up man!

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