www.wherecash.com When Betfair was initiated at around the start of the millenium an opportunity arose for the individual to profit in a similar way to that of a bookmaker. As is widely accepted the bookmakers usually returns a healthy profit in the long run. Ask yourself this in a six runner event would you rather have 5 running in your favour or just one? The answer is of course 5, but in acting in a similar capacity to a bookmaker you will have to accept a potential liablity that could be many times the amount that you would collect. So the two key points that you would be advised to satisfy before considering such an endeavour would be limitation of potential liablity and superior attributes for competitors acting in your favour. This all sounds simple enough but of course it does require a strategy to avoid unecessary losses. Talk to Fred Done of Betfred and now the Tote and he will tell you the worst loss they sustained on one day was £3 million. He will also tell you that they paid that out ,with a smile on their faces knowing that their strategies would see them returning a profit by the end of the year, insisting they always make their margin. The Cashtap ISA selection process identifies regular opportunities to stack factors heavily in the individuals favour and whilst taking losses are part of a winning process these are limited. There is even a Free report at http that provides the individual with the opportunity to get started in this with No Risk. A detailed
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