Question by Random: Can I lose my license in another state for underage gambling charges?
I am being faced with underage gambling charges in the state of New Jersey. I am a Maryland resident but I go to college in New Jersey. My driving license with most likely be suspended in the state of New Jersey from what I have researched. Can they also revoke my drivers license in Maryland?

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Answer by pleasureW
Depends on their reciprocity laws. Most states deal with stuff like this by letting the other states know your license was revoked and why so when you go to apply in another state they can decide to issue to you or not according to their own rules. Many states have less strict codes or don’t talk to non-neighboring states as efficiently. So if you need a DL and can’t get one locally move to a state over the summer with a very easy residency requirement like 30 or 60 days and grab one there. Just be careful it doesn’t send your car insurance through the roof!!

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