The Manchester November Handicap. Castle Irwell, Lancashire. L/S Crowded rings. M/S Crowds around bookies. M/S Bookie taking bets. M/S Tick-tack man. M/S Horses parading in paddock. M/S Pan Jai Mahal, being led round. M/S Towards Devancer being led round. C/U Jockey walking in paddock. C/U Punter studying race-cards. M/S Horses being led in paddock – Jockeys up. M/S Pan Gordon Richards on No.10. leaving paddock. M/S Crowds around bookmakers. C/U Hesitant looking tick-tack man. L/S Horses going up to tapes. L/S Type looking through glasses. L/S Pan start and follow of race. L/S Towards horses galloping and throwing up mud. M/S Towards and pan into back view . Horses racing and throwing up mud. M/S Crowd. L/S Towards and pan horses racing down straight. Winner Coltbridge (with Joe Sime up) in clear lead 2nd and 3rd fighting it out. M/S Crowd. M/S Horses being led into unsaddling enclosure. M/S Winner being unsaddled. M/S Mud splattered jockeys carrying walking towards. C/U Winning horse Coltbridge.
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