www.youtube.com www.gamblinghelper.com “Whether it’s in a casino or online, poker and other games of chance are becoming increasingly popular. It’s not just men who are addicted, a growing number of women are becoming compulsive gamblers, too. Early Show correspondent Hattie Kauffman takes a closer look at the troubling trend,” news anchor. “The reality is the longer you gamble compulsively, which is what I was doing, the more you become a compulsive liar,” Melanie Morgan, former gambling addict. “In the 1980s Melanie Morgan was a successful television anchor until her gambling addiction cost her, her job and nearly destroyed her marriage,” Hattie Kauffman, CBS national correspondent. “I would lie about where I was going, what I was doing, who I was with, how much money I was spending,” Melanie Morgan. “Even her pregnancy did not stop Melanie from gambling,” Hattie Kauffman. “Of course I was in a terrible environment, smoke-filled rooms, hardly taking care of myself. I was gambling until an hour before I gave birth,” Melanie Morgan. “After her son was born, she often left the infant with an assortment of babysitters,” Kauffman. “I remember packing up the baby one day and driving around to each of the card rooms where I thought she might be and finally locating her and taking the baby in its carrier and putting the baby in the middle of the poker table and saying, ‘You got a choice. You want to play cards or you want to be a Mom?'” Jack Morgan, Melanie’s husband. “I knew

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