Question by Iceman: Craps betting: can you explain certain types of payouts on “come’ bets/?
Certain “come” bets and their odds are moved down out of the number box that it was in when that number hits (wins) while other come bets and their odds remain on the number during a win. Why is this and under what circumstances does the come bet and its odds bet remain on the number during a win (payout) and not brought down.

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Answer by Guy
Generally the only reason it looks like come bet is staying in the number even after the number hit is because the player had a new bet placed in the come box. So the number hits, he takes his winnings from the come/odds and then the chip in the come goes back on that same number. Casino dealers refer to this as “Off and On” since your bet is off because you won but it is back on since you had a new come bet. Most dealers will also use the winnings from the original come bet to use towards the odds on the new come bet so the chips never even move.

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