Question by zkeiser44: Do all sports betting sites take money out of what you earn from each winning bet?
I’m new and want to try out a sports betting site but I didn’t understand why you don’t receive your total amount of what you bet. Like if I bet 10 dollars on the straight up game I only receive like 4 bucks for winning the bet. Why don’t i receive 10?

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Answer by Mick Shrimpton
That’s how all sports betting works, it’s called the vigorish (or vig) or juice. It’s how sportsbooks make money. Live or online.

For example, when you see Powerhouse University vs. Barely there division I College, it’s inherent that the big powerhouse will always win straight up (though some examples are contrary, though rare). Heavy favorites will always have a low payout per dollar risked. And heavy dogs will always have a high payout per dollar risked. So if you bet that same on the dog, you might get a payout plus your original bet amount, for a return of .

When you have pointspread betting, the payouts are a little more close to even. Sometimes it is even. But mostly, you are risking to win . Or whatever is relative. This is usually denoted by the “-110” mark. Sometimes lines makers will adjust payouts to even or -105 to sway betting in the other direction.

I know it might seem to be a lot to digest, but I hope you get the gist. You can check for a better perspective on how sportsbooks calculate their payouts. Also check for a list of reliable online sportsbooks that I recommend. With any other site, you risk getting scammed. Hope this helps.

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