Question by jon k: does anyone know of any good gambling sites?
I need a site that lets me just put in my credit card number, and puts the money on for me. I live in the U.S and it seems that it is often a hassle for me to put money online for texas holdem websites. Please give me the name of a website that it is very easy to put money online and play right away.
o and btw please make sure that it is a site you have used before and that will not scam me. Pleaseee do not just look up sites on google and give me random names. I need a reliable site that will not steal my credit card number, or the money on put on the site. Thank you.

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Answer by GamblingMaster
Hello, the best site that currently accepts US players is Bookmaker. It is safe and secure. Payments are fast.
You can find more info on that at
You can deposit with all access visa gift card if your normal card doesnt work, but try first with it.
I’ve played in the site and I can guarantee its safe.

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