Shonali is shocked to learn that the board meeting began only at 6 PM. Vicky tries to pacify her but she walks away upset. Vicky leaves the office to pacify her. Jigyasa requests the board members to give Vicky some time. She tells them that although Vicky used to indulge in betting earlier, he is now capable of handling his business. Trivedi fans the flames of distrust against Vicky. Bani decides to take the sweet dish prepared by Ganga for Vicky. Bani is shocked to hear the negative opinions about Vicky. Bani advices Vicky not to neglect work because of his personal life. Jigyasa tells Shonali that Bani interrogated Vicky a lot and tell her it is important for a person to unwind as well.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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