5 Fragments to Gamble for here. After making your fortune in Chocobo Racing, using my Chocobo Guide Video. Head over to the slot machine room for your first Fragment which will require winning 7777 Coins in Total: Lucky Coin 0:00 – 4:04 There are 4 other Fragments available in Chocobo Race room. 3 of which need to be purchased from the Vendor for 10000 each: Chocobochick Down 4:58 – 5:13 Priceless Gift 5:22 – 5:54 Chaos Crystal 5:22 – 5:57 Sezter’s Dice 5:22 – 6:01 *I suggest you win around 42~45000 coins prior to collecting all 5 tokens. You’re going to need a lot for ‘Lucky Coin’ I suggest around 17000 coins (This depends solely on your luck) Here is a formula I used to estimate how many more I needed: Total Turns*5 + Current Coins – Starting Total (This will give you a rough estimate of where you are) For example: 3145*5=15725+33385-41540=7570 These numbers represent my equation. This won’t include coins you win during Victory round while betting 10. **I suggest you leave your game running over night and tape your L1 button down. Should be done by morning. You should also only Gamble when the Mood is: “It’s like a hot summer’s day!” to increase odds of winning.

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