Question by Simon: Has anyone got any good horse racing gambling systems please?
Horse racing gambling systems, not a lecture on how I should just stay away, thanks

Best answer:

Answer by joe.attaboy
You cannot consistently win at horse racing with a “system.” You can key in on certain trends, watch for certain conditions, follow certain jockeys, trainers or stables, whatever. The problem is that ALL “systems” eventually break down. Some run hot for a few days or weeks, then stop. Some work on one day or at a certain trick, and no where else.

The only way to successfully win by wagering on racing is to study everything you can, examine all the conditions on the race you like, and calculate what the true odds on each horse should be. Then you either wager or you don’t.

And money management is a key part of the way you play, as well. If you can’t control your wagering or manage your money well, you’ll always be chasing lost money.

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