Question by : How do I calculate Alternate Runlines’ decimal odds?
For example, tonight’s game between the Rangers and the Yankees,
the Primary Runlines are:
Texas Rangers -1.5 2.560
New York Yankees +1.5 1.588

While the Alternate Runlines are:
Texas Rangers +1.5 1.457
New York Yankees -1.5 2.990

I understand the actual runlines are just reversed but how do I calculate the decimal odds?
Sorry, I worded the question poorly.

I meant how do Sportsbooks calculate alternate runlines.

Best answer:

Answer by Charles
What do you mean by calculate the decimal odds? You have the deciaml odds listed in your question. 1.457 is the deciaml odd for Texas +1.5 runs. So if you bet 0 on Texas +1.5 runs at 1.457 it would return 5.70 for a profit of .70.

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