Question by : How do I start a betting pool on how long a relationship will last?
My friend Marco just got a new girlfriend. Which is extremely surprising since he’s known as a “player” and doesn’t like to stick to one woman. This is why a bunch of his buddies (myself included) are skeptical it will last very long and decided to make a betting pool. Since it was my idea I have to organize it. I’ve participated in betting pools before but im not sure how to set it up. Could you guys help me? There are a total of 7 people that want in.

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Simple: You all decide on a unit stake, say 10 dollars, then decide on your time unit, say weeks, then you all choose what week you think the relationship will end on, for every week you choose you put £10 into the pool, you can choose to bet on one week or multiple weeks. The winner is the person who picks the correct week, if more than one person choose the same winning week the pool is split between them. If the last bet expires with the relationship ending the stakes are returned. You will need to record every ones bets carefully to ensure that no one accuses you of cheating.

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