Question by Bex6991: How do you bet on horse racing?
My siblings are taking me to the track for my 18th birthday because it’s just about the only new thing I’ll be able to do besides buy cigarettes and vote, but I don’t know anything about betting on horses. I really just want to have fun; I’m not concerned with winning money, so I just want the basics. Thanks!

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Answer by dadnbob
If you can get a racing form before you go so you have time to read it a little that will help. It tells you how each horse has been performing recently. Also tells which jockeys have been winning too. Then you go to the proper window and tell them how much you want to bet, which horse (number) and how (win, place, show, trifecta etc.). Then hopefully after the race you can go collect some winnings. You’ll have a blast.

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