Question by Reagan1984: How does online poker work if gambling is illegal?
If you can’t play online poker with real money on most sites and the ones that you can play with real money are illegal than what can you win by playing? Like on poker site… what do you win for winning. I guess I don’t understand the legality of online poker and the need to deposit money if it is not a gambling site. BTW I know nothing about online poker. Nothing at all.

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Answer by ☺☻♥♣
It’s like normal poker, but online. Your actions are simulated. If you want to call, you click the ‘call’ button, and the fold and bet etc buttons are all there too. It’s a lot faster though and there’s a time limit to playing your hands.

When you join a site like, you deposit enough money to get yourself into a game. Like a game with real money costs at least .01. If no one pays to join, then where will the money come from? The more players that join the game, the bigger the winning prize becomes.
If you win from a game, that’s added to your account, and you can choose to transfer the money to your debit card, so then you can take it out.

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