!! Please Read Description !! Thank You !! View in HD !! SPOILER ALERT! Cutscenes are included in this video * Vice Desk * Case 02 – The Set Up (Part 1/3) * Platform: Xbox 360 Tips to obtain 5 star rating: 1: Find all clues 2: Get all correct answers 3: Minimal damage to the vehicle 4: Minimal casualties caused 5: Minimal damage to the city —————————————————————————— Written Walkthrough Guide —————————————————————————— (02:56) Destination – Boxing Stadium’s Locker Room – There are 2 clues Clue 1: Search through Hammond’s locker, there is bookmakers odds Clue 2: Newspaper (See the story behind this newspaper headline: www.youtube.com Now use a telephone to trace the address for Hotel El Mar. (05:48) Destination – Hotel El Mar – There are 6 clues Speak to the guy behind the desk, he will show you the guest register book, look for the name Winston Churchill, then go to room 207 Clue 1: Telegram on the floor next to the chested draws Clue 2: On the chested draw, Movie ticket stub Clue 3: On the chested draw, Heart-shaped box of chocolates Clue 4: Hot food can Clue 5: Magazine Coupon – Candy Edwards Clue 6: Bookmakers Payout, beside table (09:48) Destination – Aleve Motel – There are 4 clues Enter the motel & speak to the receptionist, where she will tell you where she is. Once you kick down the door, you will see that Carlo has just knocked Candy unconscious, now its your
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