!! Please Read Description !! Thank You !! View in HD !! SPOILER ALERT! Cutscenes are included in this video * Vice Desk * Case 02 – The Set Up (Part 2/3) * Platform: Xbox 360 Tips to obtain 5 star rating: 1: Find all clues 2: Get all correct answers 3: Minimal damage to the vehicle 4: Minimal casualties caused 5: Minimal damage to the city Missed Part 1? www.youtube.com Missed Part 2? www.youtube.com —————————————————————————— Written Walkthrough Guide —————————————————————————— At Start – Destination – Ray’s Bookmakers As you arrive, you will see Candy Edwards as got into a yellow cab, follow the cab without being spotted (03:07) Destination – Interstate Bus Stop – There are 2 clues This is where she has arrived, follow her inside, don’t get spotted. She will end up going to the Ladies bathroom, as you approach it, you will hear screams & gunshots. Clue 1: On the floor, a revolver, investigate further to discover it was fired once Clue 2: Movie ticket inside her purse (06:30) Destination – Egyptian Theatre As you arrive, you will get a radio dispatch notifies you that Candy’s cause of death was stabbing & that she owned that gun. Now head inside the theatre & get ready for a gunfight.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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