Question by Chloe.: My friend and I are betting over a game of Words with Friends. What should the looser have to do?
we’re both sophomores in high school and we’re playing a game of words with friends. Basically, the looser has to do something embarrassing or something they normally wouldn’t want to do. But what should that be? I’m in charge of coming up with the bet, please help me! By the way, we’re not betting money or anything that has to do with sex.


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Answer by Mark
i love games!
let me see
hmm … hmm
kiss some one
tell a Secret
or express ones dying love for some one
oh or walk around with a sign im in love or im a loser at school
i hoped i helped
and im sorry i could not come up with some more….
oh and i hope that you win in this game 🙂

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