Question by ithaclies: Can you always make a profit by betting on a really good NFL team?
If you bet the same amount of money every week on a team that is the heavy favorite every week, will you always make out at the end of the season? Or another scenario could be if you bet on a really good team that is going to win around 12 games that season, and just bet a set amount on that team to win every game? Just looking for a way to make a guaranteed profit on my money.

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Answer by no jap crap
I don’t think anyone could have predicted who would be left at the end of the season this year before it started. You just never know. If you had bet that New England would have won 12 games this year, it would have been a pretty good bet seeing as how last year they won 18, but things happen. Then they lost their quarterback. If you would ALWAYS make out at the end, everyone would be betting and winning. Also, you don’t sound like you are taking in consideration that win placing a bet, your team has to win by a certain amount. Just because they win, doesn’t mean they win by the spread and you could still lose your bet. Things happen, don’t bet more than you feel comfortable losing. GOOD LUCK!

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