Question by mattyboymma: Gambling when your a cop?
OK I’m a criminal justice major hoping to become a cop. I’ve have a question concerning gambling and whether or not it can affect getting hired.

I play poker (Texas Holdem) pretty frequently, and occasionally play tournaments with cash prizes. This could be considered gambling, could it hurt my chances of getting hired as a cop? I don’t have a gambling problem, in fact I mostly only play for the fun of it, but I do make money from it too.

Once I’m hired as a cop, can I still play these money tournaments in my free time?
I’m willing to quit playing the money games, but I wouldn’t want to quit playing altogether. I do like being able to supplement my income with poker winnings.

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Answer by evoc instructor
as long as the department you are applying for does not view it as you having a gambling problem. and when you are off duty you can gamble if you want to. just dont let it become an addiction or it could get you into some trouble. when you are going through the back ground process they agency you applied for will also run your credit. sometimes you cant get hired based on that alone if it is bad. shows that you are not a responsible person.

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