Question by maine: How do I make a friendly betting pool for the Daytona 500?
Having a Daytona 500 party at the house, and wanted to add a fun betting pool – obviously pick a winner, but what else? first to crash? # caution flags? And how do I make the chart? Never done this before. Anyone have one ready to go willing to share it?

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Answer by chcfan
Where I used to work, a person would sell all of the 43 drivers (or cars) that there are in the race. Instead of picking who wins, you buy one or multiple drivers and when all 43 spots are sold, pick them out of a hat. It’s similar to football squares if they are the kind that are completely picked at random. You could charge as little as $.50 or up to per car depending on the number of people and how much they would be willing to spend. It’s fun and simple.

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