Question by Bella: How do you make money using Show Betting?
I have just opened up an account at the racetrack to participate in Show Betting. My boyfriend explained it to me…sort of…but I want more information so I can make the most money I can…Any body have any suggestions?

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Answer by pdq
“Win” means your horse MUST finish in 1st place.

“Place” means your horse must finish in 1st place OR 2nd place. Either position and you win.

“Show” means you will win as long as your horse finishes in 1st place, OR 2nd place, OR 3rd place.

That is the easiest bet to win.

HOWEVER, if you are making “Show” bets, you will win the LEAST amount of money.

Put it this way – if you bet your horse to “Show” and your horse comes in 3rd place, you’ll think “Whew – good thing I bet him to “Show” because otherwise I would have lost.”

But if your horse WINS or PLACES 2nd, then you’ll wish you bet your horse to WIN or PLACE because you would have made more money if you did!

Why is this important to know?

It’s important because if you bet horses to “Show” you’ve got to win a HUGE percent of your bets in order to make any sort of profit. Instead of needing to win 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 races, you’ll need to win closer to 2 out of 3, or even 3 out of 4 races just to show a profit!

Horse racing, (no matter what you bet on), is a VERY hard thing to profit on! That’s because of the 20% take the race tracks have. For every 0,000 that is bet, only ,000 actually goes to the prize money. It is VERY hard to beat a 20% take! VERY hard!

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