Question by Lolly77: How does the betting ring work at the racetrack?
I am very interested to know how to place bets and collect winnings in the betting ring at the races as I have never done this before. My Boss,s husband is a Bookies Clerk and I would like very much to place bets at his stand. I just need to know what to do. Thanks.

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Figure out who you want to bet on. Keep it simple to start with and work with “Win” (1st) Place (2nd) Show (3rd) Figure out how much you want to bet, . and up to what ever you want. So if you like the # 8 horse in the second race and you think it is going to Win and you want to bet then you say “second race, on # 8 to Win. If you think he will run second then say”second race, on # 8 to Place. If you think he will go third then say “second race, on # 8 to Show.

Just watch out because a lot of race tracks don’t like it when you are making bets with a clerk who is related or very close friends or in you case your boss’s husband.

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