Question by Saed: how to start my online gambling website for real money not for fun?
1- How much does cost to establish my own gambling website for real money not for fun?
2- is there any company can handle everything from A-Z in hosting and design and domain buying and everything?
3- regarding paying via my website how we can mange it?how to connect the website payment with bank account?
4- is there any special regulations for such online businesses?

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Answer by Jess
Hi Saed,

1. If you mean to own an online casino where people actually place bets, it is expensive to get started. You need to have a large amount of money so that you can pay out winners. The casino always wins in the long run, but your business needs to be able to handle the ups and downs that are experienced in the short run. You will also have to obtain software, either by developing it in-house or by teaming up with a white label software provider.

2. Yes – Look for a white label gambling provider. Do a Google search for “white label gambling site” to learn about the companies that offer this service.

3. Payments are complicated because the law varies widely around the world. Your online casino will have a worldwide player base and you will have to set up payments that are accessible to all players. This means you need to be able to send payments to players in Chile, Canada and the UK quickly. Some countries have strong anti-gambling laws and it is very difficult (and legally dangerous) to send payments to those players.

4. Yes, there are special regulations for such an online business. You will need to research the laws in every single jurisdiction from which you will accept customers. This is complicated, costly and the laws are often unclear.

If you don’t already have an intimate knowledge of the gambling business, I would suggest you look into becoming an affiliate instead. As an affiliate, you run a gambling website and refer players to casinos. You do not own the casino, but you do get paid by the casino for sending players. This can be a very lucrative business and it is much simpler. Take a look at the forums to learn about the business.

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