Question by ecowhale: Is it inevitable to become rich by doubling or tippling your bet in Blackjack each time you lose?
If one goes to a casino to play blackjack and doubles or triples their bet each time they lose and starts the process over each time they win, would they get rich quick? For example: Bet . Lose. Bet . Lose. Bet . Lose. Bet 0. Lose. Bet 0. Win . Start the process over and over and each time you win indefinitely.

I understand the casinos can boot out anyone caught using a strategy. I wonder how long you could get away with using this strategy?

If you have enough money and tripled your bet each time you lose, you would get much richer much quicker before being booted out.

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Answer by Slo Mo Guy
Sounds Like the Martingales System … doesn’t work

Right two ways i’ll say when it doesn’t work Lets say you keep doubling up 20 you lose 5 times that’s 0 O.k not too big of a deal if you have the Money now what about if you lost 10 times that’s ,460 now that’s a lot fo risk for Right which now brings me on to my next point

What if the bet Limit was ,000 so once you lose that amount you cannot double it back up and get your Congratulations you have just lost ,000 *Slow Sarcastic Clap*

I can assure you if you try to use this “system” you will eventually go broke … Now i’m not the best at explaining this but i’m sure other users will be able to explain better 😉

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