Question by kellymp82: Self Exclusion from a Bookmakers?
Does anyone know how my friend would go about having himself barred from the Bookies. He has recently admitted to a gambling problem and wants to take all possible steps to prevent a fall back into gambling. I have looked on many sites and cant get any information on he would go about this.

All i can find is sites mentioning self exclusion yet not one of them tells me how he would do this.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Specifcally Ladbrokes!

Best answer:

Answer by JackAce
If the bookie is an online bookie and it offers self exclusion, there should be a setting in the player’s profile that you can change.

Most online gambling sites DON’T offer self-exclusion though.

If the bookie is a guy that your friend calls, then you are pretty much SOL. Tell your friend to delete the bookie’s name from his address book.

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