Question by padsquad43: Should i call a gambling problem number?
My parents have a gambling problem. That’s a fact. We live in NW Indiana, and they always go to the ‘boats’ which casinos are in. They’re always there. My dad plays Texas Hold em’ and he’s really good. In fact, he won 00 today in a tournament. I am concerned though because he goes to every tournament there is around here, and right after that tournament (I mean right after) they hosted a poker tournament downstairs with their friends (still going on). My mom mainly plays slots, and everyone knows the odds of hitting big on slots. She plays poker too, but she’s not as good as my dad and doesn’t often win. It doesn’t bother me at all that they’re not home for me, and with my dad always winning along with his job we seem to be financially stable. I don’t know if I should calm them down before we move to Las Vegas or not. It won’t be for a while, but still. Thanks.

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Answer by Alex
I would talk to them first. If you can get a chance, just sit them down and talk to them. And if they refuse to admit they have a problem, then that’d be the time to call.

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