Question by PeguinBackPacker: Tips on gambling in Las Vegas. What are your ways on how you win?
I live in Vegas, so here are some words of advice when coming here to gamble.

One do not drink intoxicants while gambling. You may wake and sober up on the casino’s loan office’s floor with a bill in your hand and no way to pay it.. Less drinking means more self-control means less out of hand gambling.

Walk out when ahead. This means even if you win a dollar more then you came in with. Very hard to do, and easy to say.

Bring cash only. Do not bring credit or debit cards to the casinos. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement and spend more then you intend by making withdraws at the atm (which have heavy withdraw fees).

Try not to gamble at the big time casino’s Every time I won, it was at a small time establishment. Ever wonder how the big fancy resorts pay for all that luxury and niceties you see around you? By lowering you chances at the slots.

If you can afford it, bet large, hard and fast. Every time I won I, it was shortly after I sat down at the machine or game.
Every time I lost is when I tried to beat the casino in the long run. If you bet big, you may win quickly and large at the slots.

Learn a little more about the games you are playing. Tips and guide books are sold in the gift shops everywhere.

Enter a tournament. The amount you lose at the casino’s is going to be more then what you pay to enter. You are not playing against the casino, so your odds here are higher and some places give you money to play with if you enter. Why bet your own dollar if you can use someone else’s?

Avoid shopping on the strip. The prices on the strip are rip offs. 9.00 dollars for ham and eggs or a subway sandwich? 7 dollars for a draft beer? I suggest going off strip for such things for better deals and stretching your dollar.

Visit things besides the strip. Las Vegas has plenty here to offer. Go exploring.
Sign up for comps. It is well worth it.
If you see a security guard with a funny looking hat, do not be afraid to say hi.

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