Question by AleXX R0xX: What qualities are required to work as a cashier in a betting shop?
I’m a fresher out of uni. I’m applying to a betting store for post of cashier. They say they will provide all necessary training. In form they ask what qualities make me suitable for this role. As this is my first time, I’m not sure what they expect from me. What are some qualities a cashier should have?

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Answer by Neil
Responsible and honest will be the main 2. They’ll want to be sure you won’t be dipping into the till.

Some skills with maths are going to be useful, you’ll obviously have a calculator or till for most stuff but some general maths skills are going to be helpful.

Plus having some knowledge of betting, like how the odds work for different types of bets.

With a general knowledge of maths and betting you should walk through the interview, show confidence aswell – you’ll be dealing with customers most the day so they won’t want an emotional retard, they’ll be after someone who interacts well with people.

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