Question by Fly: Where can I find information about legal sports betting?
I want to bet minimal amounts on football games. I don’t live in Nevada and I don’t know if betting online is safe. I know all about spreads and odds. But I have never actually been involved with real betting. Where do I start?

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Answer by pdq
Such a mistake. Why start something that could possibly ruin your life? You say you want to bet “minimal amounts on football games”. That’s what you think! Then what happens when you win a few game? “Hey – maybe I’ll bet a bit more this time!” Before you know it, you hit a losing streak and are betting the car payment.

Do yourself a favor. Just PRETEND for a whole season. Or better yet – start a small betting pool with some friends. Everyone chips in 5 bucks. Each person pretends to place a bet each week on a football game. The person who has the most pretend money at the end of the season wins the pool.

You’ll find out that in the long run you WILL lose more than you win. Those times you start losing will ruin the fun you use to have in watching the games.

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