www.wherecash.com Betting or is it? Betting for most is uninformed speculation!! Rely on stock and shares, or property an you’ll need to think long term and tie up your cash. Take a look at isa rates and your cash will be eroded by inflation. In a quest to find extraordinary returns for ordinary people, the Cashtap ISA, was created where ISA stands for informed strategic accumulation. Daily analysis of the Racing Posts leading statistical information, combined with a stringent criteria for selecting horses to lose, allows individuals to act in a similar capacity to a bookmaker. As is widely accepted the bookies always win in the long run. The Cashtap ISA selection process ensures that specific criteria exist and odds available represent value. This presents a financial strategy along similar principals to bookmakers who aim to make regular steady profits. Fred Done of Betfred and now proud owner of the Tote, is the perfect example of small acorns. He started off with a mere £250. A gambler will quickly rebuff such strategies recounting how they made a 300% return by backing a 3-1 shot. How many losing attempts preceeded or followed that? and what % of the bank was used (If they even have a specific fund or is it coming from the grocery budget?) Times have changed and so must peoples thinking. Austerity limits thinking to one track “cut cloth accordingly” Which is not a bad thing for frivilous spenders. The real issue though is additional income today and access to funds

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