Question by : Smart idea to tell bofa that I deposited in bookmaker?
Ok so basically..

I made a 500 dollar deposit through bookmaker.. and it shows up as or whatever.. and when i tried to make another immediately it declined my card.. it did this a few times and later I found out that you had to wait 30-45 minutes lol.. so BOFA rightfully saw this and suspended my card and told me to call and verify the transaction..

When I say that I approve the transaction will they ask me what I used the money for? And if they do should I tell them it was for or is that illegal still even if it’s offshore?

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Answer by Mrs. BonBon
Its best to NOT say its for bookmaker and anything to do with gambling –

just say its an online transaction

banks are supposed to decline online activity that is related to gambling, but gambling operations are good at creating dummy companies with fancy names that appear to have nothing to do with gambling

so just call and verify its you and not someone else – NEVER say more than you have to , it probably won’t get you in trouble, but banking rules involving gambling are cloudy at best, you never want to do or say anything that while it wont get you in trouble most likely it can make it harder for you to gamble without hassle

Good Luck

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