www.sportsarbitraguide.com The Sports Arbitrage Guide fast track is best accessed through the Sports Arbitrage Guide Fast Track mailing system. Register to receive the fast track emails, and watch the video series in full context on Sports Arbitrage Guide. See this video in its proper context on this page www.sportsarbitrageguide.com Links referred to in the video include: COMPAREBOOKMAKERS.COM: www.comparebookmakers.com MATCHED BETTING EXPLAINED: www.sportsarbitrageguide.com www.sportsarbitrageguide.com ARBITRAGE ALERT SERVICE: www.arbexpert.com Video transcript follows: Hello again and welcome to the third video in the sports arbitrage guide fast track. Hopefully by now your money has reached your Moneybookers account and you are ready to start depositing at bookmakers. Now for a quick overview, what I’m going to tell you to do in this video, is to register at another four bookmakers, to find all of the available freebets in all of the bookmakers you are registered at, to deposit and claim those freebets, match-bet those freebets out, and then continue to casually arb until the next video. Now, if you are unfamiliar with matched betting, then have a look below the video at the links and you will find resources on the subject so you can read up on it. … See the entire transcript at: www.sportsarbitrageguide.com

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