Preston Walker, a living legend in his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi is dying. But before he goes, he has something he has to get off his chest. A secret so profound it would alter the landscape of American history. Trent Oster, a struggling writer and small time bookmaker is lured from his weary existence into Preston’s deceptively enticing world. Trent’s job is to capture Preston’s story and reveal the answer to the most asked question of the 20th century: Who killed the Kennedy’s? Take a gritty uncensored look into the exclusive world of illegal bookmaking combined with a mind-bending take on the Kennedy conspiracy. Chris Fraser’s gripping debut novel The Bookmaker, will keep the pages turning for traditional fiction readers, sports enthusiasts, history buffs, mystery fans and suspense aficionados alike. Step into a world that seldom reveals its secrets, but tread lightly as you may not like what you find.

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