Up to 2 million homeless every night in the USA To see more go to www.youtube.com Follow us on Facebook (goo.gl or Twitter (www.twitter.com Las Vegas, city of casinos, neon lights and money, money and more money. But what dark secrets linger under the city that never sleeps? Under the streets lies a secret city of lost souls… Tourists pose by the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign but little do they know that beneath their feet are 300 mile tunnels populated by hundreds of people. Matthew O’Brien, a local journalist first discovered them while re-tracing the steps of a local murderer. He found an entire world populated by criminals, gambling and drug addicts. Craig used to be a truck-driver, following the deaths of family members he came to Las Vegas to forget. “You come here to party and to drink”. They mainly survive off the excess of the gambling industry – stealing what is left on the slots. “That’s enough for me today”, Craig says after acquiring 50 dollars, “for the rent I pay you cannot beat that”. Beneath the neon lights, Craig returns to his dark home while the party continues up above. May 2011

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