Question by Lil Rondo: What are some good ways to bet on NFL games?
I wanna start betting on NFL games with my friends but what do we bet on like scores or just whos gonna win? Im a huge fan of the NFL know a lot about it and i also play fantasy football but i also wanna bet on single games with friends so any tips?

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Answer by Sam
pick’em football. you can join my leagues if you wish. i dont know how you want to do it though. i guess whoever ranks the highest out of you guys wins… or you can start your own (but join at least 1 of mine for fun). trust me, the more people there are, the crazier and more fun it gets. if they dont have an account, get one. you can go onto my avatar to get the low down on how to sign up. and then you can tell them the info yourself. and for the record, this is all in yahoo sports in the fantasy section. should you guys join THANK YOU, let me be the 1st to wish all of you GOOD LUCK!… youll need it.

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