Question by laxdude: What is the legal gambling age on cruise ships?
How old do you have to be to gamble on a cruise ship? Does it vary by the Cruise line? I’m thinking 18 or 21?

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Answer by Christine B
Im not sure but it may depend on where your going.
International seas its 18. :]

I heard something that royal carribbean changed their gambling age but I was just on a Norwegian cruise ship and both times..going to bahamas AND puerto rico (takin into consideration that its a united states territory) i was allowed to gamble. One time I was 19 and the previous time, last year, I was 18.

If it’s extremely important to you, ask the cruise company or wait till you get onboard.

I do believe its 18 though. And also 18 to drink. no hard liquor though :]

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